Monday, January 2, 2012


We have reached the last photo in my Project 365! 

I did miss number 364, but I've taken 14,110 photos in 2011, so do you think you can forgive me? 
I've really enjoyed this project. It helped me to learn my camera's capabilities and I know which lens I prefer to use for which photos now too. 

I am not planning a 365 this year because I cannot seem to keep up with loading the photos. I do plan to continue my photo journey, maybe with the 52 week plan instead.

I will continue to post photos here and hope you will stop back here often to see how my photography skills grow!


This ornament caught my eye because it is an El Camino. My grandfather loved his (olive green) El Camino so much he bought two of them.


Again, not super exciting,  but pretty intricate. I need to take the tripod in and take some better non-flash shots



I love the curls!! Her mom kept trying to move the curls out of her face - I had to tell her to stop!


And here is my son in all his glory with his new pet, Sally Cat!


Sally Kitty is so tiny she crawled up under my desk on the keyboard shelf while I worked. She was a surprise to my son for Christmas.